water (1 of 1)Sure it doesn’t have sugar, but if so many drinks are unhealthy, what makes water the better alternative? Think about nature. Throughout the existence of human life, we have always turned to water to hydrate. It is what nature intended for us to drink every day, what we evolved to drink every day. Water makes up two thirds of our bodies. We wouldn’t be here without it. There are many different types of water filled with all sorts of different combinations of minerals and impurities, but generally, water remains the healthiest choice for a number of reasons. Water makes you feel better: Not only does drinking water lower risks of certain cancers, such as bladder cancer, it has also been shown to help battle coronary heart disease, which is often caused by high levels of sugar in the diet. It also protects the joints, aids digestion, and helps to naturally alleviate headaches. Water helps you to focus better and has been shown to improve overall mood. Water keeps your body fit: Water helps you to perform better when exercising or working out. It combats fatigue, preventing burnout, keeps you focused, and helps to regulate sweat. Also, drinking one cup of water before each meal has been shown to help prevent overeating .