The “Oh My Sugar!” App

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  appcover   The Oh My Sugar app is an optical, character-recognition software with two major functions. Firstly, it identifies popular food and drink products. Secondly, it provides consumers with the product’s overall sugar as well as the sugar percent daily value. This unique product will enable consumers to make healthier decisions regarding their diets.\ The increase in added sugar consumption has caused a rising number of health concerns throughout the United States. Fatty liver disease, coronary heart disease, type two diabetes, and chronic obesity are the effects of sugar’s prominence in the food and drink industry. Concern about health issues that have arisen in modern society have stimulated the production of a variety of calorie-counting apps that are intended to evaluate food and drink products. However, the number of calories in a product can be found on any nutritional label, while recommended sugar intake is something that cannot. Without a convenient source of information to allow them to identify safe levels of sugar in the diet, consumers are unable to prevent the consequences of unhealthy sugar intake. Oh My Sugar uses modern technology to make both the process of making healthier decisions and access to important, health-related information more convenient. In this way, it provides consumers with the means to practice a healthier lifestyle and a better chance to avoid a number of potential health concerns that result from sugar over consumption. In other words, it provides an easily accessible, technologically progressive way of providing consumers with information about sugar, something that health-conscious individuals, particularly those suffering from noncommunicable diseases such as Type II diabetes, may have a need for. Before Oh My Sugar became a real H2Operation project, it began as an idea. The following image is part of a proposal for how the app could potentially work. As you can see, the app uses a camera to scan a selected drink and provide information regarding it’s total sugar content, as well as a daily sugar percentage:      
Oh My Sugar! Screen Shot 1

Oh My Sugar! Screen Shot 1